Dr. Chao & Associates, PLLC

About Us

Your eyesight is precious, and Dr. Chao take pride in caring for it.  He is highly trained, certified, and have many years of experience in handling all your eye care needs.  His examination is unique in terms of quality of care and attention to detail.  The comphrensive eye health examination he performs does more than just determine if you need a glasses and contact lens prescription to see better, it determines if there is a possible health concern through running a number of tests to check the wellbeing and function of your entire eye.
He implements conventional resolutions, but when traditional medicine or traditional vision correction alone fails, he sometimes will, upon the patient's request, incorporate natural medicine, such as fish oil, bilberry, or others, which promotes the body's vital ability to heal and maintain itself.  This holistic health movement stems from his Californian and Chinese background.

 At the age of twelve, Peter Chao's natural vision started to deteriorate.  This defect in his vision was a guiding point for him to take interest in glasses, contact lens, and other types of vision correction.  During his high school years at Lowell, a magnet school in San Francisco, his desire to help others motivated him to participate in numerous food and clothes drives.  Ultimately in college, Dr. Chao was able to combine his two passions of vision correction and philanthropy by obtaining a doctorate degree in the field of optometry.  During his spare time, he enjoys helping the less fortunate to see through glasses donation programs.

Dr. Chao encourages everyone to donate their old glasses to help others.


Undergraduate Program- University of California Berkeley

Graduate Program- University of Houston College of Optometry

Externship- Cornea Associates of Texas

Certification- International Assoc. Board of Examiners Optometry
                       - Treatment and Management of Ocular Diseases

Award- 1999 Oustanding Student Clinician Award

Membership- North East Texas Optometry Society
                        - Alpha Phi Omega Philanthropy Fraternity

Affiliations- Operation Care of Dallas
                    - Grace Outreach Church- Attendee