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Purpose of a more detailed eye exam 

An exam for glasses or contact lens prescription is only a simplified examination to find a visual aid to help you see better.                 A Comphrensive Eye Health Exam further determines if there is a health concern as to why you cannot see well or why your vision is worse now through additional testing and evaluation.  A change in vision can be the beginning of a larger health problem and, in many situations when neglected, an advance stage can cause permanent vision loss, where no glasses or contact lens can improve the vision.

There are two types of Comphrensive Eye Health Exam:

1.  A routine annual eye health exam, includes a health care check of the eyes with a Dilated Fundus Evaluation (dilation of the pupil plus direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy) to exam the inside the eye and a Visual Field Screening, a simplified neurological screening of the eye.  If the poor vision is not due to a health concern, then an optical visual aid, such as glasses and/or contact lenses is prescribed.  In many cases, vision insurance will pay for only an optical prescription, such as glasses or contact lenses, but will not pay for the eye health care check portion of the examination.  However, some medical insurance plans will pay for the routine annual eye health physical.

2.  The other type of a comphrensive eye health exam is a medical office visit with a diagnosis and treatment of a patient eye health complaint, such as sudden or acute vision loss, eye irritation, light sensitivity, visual disturbance, visual discomfort, red eye, inflame eye, and etc. This type of examination may include different types of test procedures for analysis.  In most cases, medical insurance, not vision insurance, will cover this type of a detailed eye exam.